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Helpers Public School & College (HPSC), a centermost of arête with a authorization to baby the needs of pre-service as able-bodied as in-service teachers, cutting their sensibilities and acceptable them in furthering their able acumen.

The dynamic, adorning and active field of apprenticeship demands able-bodied able and motivated teachers. Agents are animal engineers for approaching ancestors and are appropriately assigned the prophetic assignment to accouter the animal abeyant in the appropriate direction.

The accent of pre-service abecedary apprenticeship is growing rapidly. At HPSC we aim to brainwash all the blue-blooded ethics of teaching to the -to-be agents through applied appearance of superior teaching. We accommodate the -to-be abecedary with opportunities for the easily on acquaintance of teaching convenience at accounted Federal Government Schools of Islamabad.

HPSC introduces and reinforces avant-garde trends and techniques of abecedary apprenticeship by acclimation seminars, workshops and training on assorted capacity accompanying to education, in accepted and abecedary training in particular.

In accession to curricular activities HPSC provides its apprentice with opportunities to excel in co-curricular activities including speeches, debates and concrete activities through amateur and sports.


I ambition you all the best in your approaching endeavors and a professionally advantageous break at HPSC.

Sir Abdul Hadi Samsoor,

Helpers Public School College Qta



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