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Academic Rules

It is the expectation of the Hpsc authorities that each student will come to realize the value of self-control and discipline. Registration at the School implies agreement of the student to willingly accept and observe reasonable standards of accountability, good conduct and personal appearance. These rules and regulations apply to all the students studying at the Hpsc irrespective of the year of study.


General Rules

1.01 It is the responsibility of all students to read and comply with the rules and regulations of the College.
1.02 Tuition fee, fines, etc. must be paid by the dates notified by the College office. Should a student fail to pay the dues by the dates notified, the student will have to pay a fine of Rs.50 per day. Students whose fees are in arrears by more than fifteen days after the date notified, shall be struck off the College rolls without any notice and shall not be allowed to attend any class, lecture, studio and take examinations in the College except with the express permission of the Principal
1.03 It is the duty of the student to regularly attend every class (lecture or studio) and take examination.
1.04 Fines for unauthorized absence shall be charged on the basis of each class (lecture or studio) unattended by a student at Rs.50/-per absence.
1.05 Leave of absence may be granted to a student after assessment of reason for leave by the Committee of the Heads of the Departments.
1.06 An enrolled student shall be allowed to take a leave of absence after clearance of the outstanding dues and will have to pay re-admission fee on rejoining the College.
1.07 An application for sick leave exceeding one day must be supported by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner and both must be signed by respective teachers and the Head of Department and submitted to the Registrar before the absence can be recorded as authorized in the attendance register.
1.08 Application for special leave shall be addressed and submitted in writing to the respective Head of Department at least two days in advance and these must have the recommendations of the respective Head of Department and approval of the Principal before each absence is authorized.
1.09 All students will purchase their own equipment and material required for course work which the College is not authorized to issue. 1.10 The College authorities shall not be held responsible for the safe keeping of the private property of students.
1.11 A student will be liable to pay against any damage or loss to the property of the College caused by him/her.
1.12 Student’s work executed in the College must be placed at the disposal of the College authorities. Such work may be returned to a student for the portfolio by the Principal on the written request of the student. Work done in the College shall not be used for the purpose of any examination or evaluation of any institution other than the National College of Arts and any examination other than the one for which the work was originally intended.
1.13 No student of the College shall hold any exhibition of work outside the College or undertake an internship without having first obtained written permission of the respective Head of the Department.
1.14 Student College identity cards must be displayed by the students and presented whenever so required by the College authorities. A fine shall be charged for the loss of an identity card and the issue of a duplicate.
1.15 Every student shall surrender the College identity card to the office before leaving the College on any account, failing which the refundable amounts (securities etc.) of the student concerned shall be confiscated.
1.16 Any student found guilty of indiscipline, misconduct, misbehavior or found disturbing the atmosphere and smooth running of the College shall be liable to be put on social probation/ fined. Social probation shall entail withdrawal of scholarship (if awarded), disqualification from holding any office of the student bodies /societies, College extracurricular activities, and any other punishment as may be deemed fit by the Committee of the Heads of Departments/ Disciplinary Committee.
1.17 Any student involved in ragging (physical or mental torture) shall be liable for disciplinary action to the extent of expulsion from the College.
1.18 No student body/association/society shall exist or function in the College without permission of the Principal.
1.19 No posters, banners, handbills and pamphlets shall be displayed or distributed in the College or any of its hostels without permission of the Principal.
1.20 No outsider / guest of a student shall enter the College or address students of the College except by permission of the Principal.


Rules of Examination

2.01 Every student is expected to fulfil the academic requirements of the College.
2.02 An academic session shall consist of two terms each concluded by a term examination; the first and second term examinations in all subjects shall cover the courses prescribed for the respective terms.
2.03 Failure to take any examination or to submit assignments and/or projects at the specified time shall be considered as failure in the examination, assignment and/or projects.
2.04 All examinations shall be held on the dates and times announced. No extension shall be granted under any circumstances in the time assigned for a given project /or assignments.
2.05 The exercise of objectionable conduct and the use of unfair means during an examination on the part of the student shall render him/her liable to punishment; to the extent of rustication from the College.
2.06 Every student should have a minimum of 75 percent attendance in the scheduled classes, lectures and studios conducted in each subject during the academic session, failing which the student will not be eligible to appear in the second term examination.
2.07 Every final year student should have a minimum of 75 percent attendance in the scheduled classes, lectures and studios conducted in each subject during the first term, failing which the student will not be eligible to appear in the first term examination. Such student will repeat the year in next academic session.
2.08 A maximum period of 15 days absence is granted in an academic session to students in case they fall ill, or in exceptional cases such as an accident or death of a close relative, subject to the condition that they submit a medical certificate, an application and proof of the incident within one week from the first day of absence.
2.09 In case of failure to clear the dues by the last date for payment with fines the student shall not be allowed to sit in the examination.
2.10 In order to pass the examination, the student shall be required to obtain 50% marks in each subject.

Awards For Special Days

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